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Sunday, May 22 ~ Fundraiser poker ride for Dawn Ferster who is currently on a long haul recovery program.

As anyone who knows her will agree, Dawn Ferster is always willing to help others in any way she can. Now, it is Dawn who needs our help.
On April 5th Dawn went to emergency with a blinding headache. As it turns out, she was very lucky that she went in when she did, as she had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (brain bleed). She spent 6 days the hospital, the first 3 in ICU.
Only one third of people who suffer a subarachnoid hemorrhage survive unscathed. One third die, and one third are left with lifelong disabilities (paralysis, etc.). Dawn is incredibly lucky to have survived. However, she is not out of the woods yet, and the recovery road is slow and long.
Dawn has been told that she can do nothing physical for 6 weeks, after which she will have a follow up CT scan to assess her condition. Even if she is allowed to move around after that, it will be a long while before she can get back to riding and coaching.
As an equine trainer, coach and teacher, she is self-employed and if she cannot work, she cannot earn any money. This setback is made even more difficult by the fact that it comes on the heels of 2 years of having to cancel so many of her clinics due to COVID19 restrictions.   This fundraiser to assist her with her monthly expenses while she is unable to work.
Every little bit helps. So round up your riding buddies and come on out in suppport of an amazing lady.